Monday, September 28, 2009

More random baseball thoughts

I invited my good friend Scott (a die-hard Mets fan) to hop on the Yankees bandwagon since the Mets are just killing time until Sunday. He said I should take the Number 7 train to Flushing if I want to see real baseball. And the next time I'm in the mood to see an exercise in futility, that's just what I will do.

I'm salivating over a possible Yankees-Dodgers World Series matchup. The thought of Joe Torre coming back to try to beat the team that tossed him aside after more than 10 great years is irresistible, especially when you factor in his relationships with old-guard Yanks like Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter. Add in the subplot over his book (although to be honest I thought the whole thing was blown way out of proportion), and it makes for a sizzling series.
Thanks to ISU_79 and UCinternational for the photo.

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