Sunday, November 1, 2009

Derek Jeter having a good week on and off the field

The most important thing to Derek Jeter is that his team is two games away from winning the World Series. But Jeter is having a good week off the field too. He had his name mentioned with two of the greatest players in baseball history.
Today, he won the 2009 Hank Aaron award as the top offensive player in the American League, thanks to a resurgent regular season that placed him in the Most Valuable Player conversation. He hit .334 and scored more than 100 runs while stealing 30 bases leading off for the Yankee offense.

A few days ago, Jeter was also honored with the Roberto Clemente award for his community service and his great year on the field. Jeter's Turn 2 foundation has given more than $10 million for community programs in New York, Florida and Michigan. Many athletes set up charitable organizations, but Jeter seems to be extremely hands on, talking to kids directly about the importance of staying away from drugs and alcohol.
Jeter has given major league baseball a role model that they can count on, one of the few players that Bud Selig can depend on to not taint his game. "I don't want to embarrass Derek, but a player like Derek Jeter, it makes me very proud to be the Commissioner of baseball," Selig said.
Jeter has had an amazing year on the baseball field. The highlight was his eclipsing of the Iron Horse Lou Gehrig for the all-time Yankee record for hits. But he won't be happy until the Yanks win the World Series. And he's doing everything he can to get them there. Two more games to go for Jeter and the Yanks.

Thanks to Chris.ptacek via Wikipedia for the photo.

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