Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jimmy Rollins' sour grapes

Instead of gracefully accepting defeat, Jimmy Rollins felt the need to proclaim that the Phillies were still the best team, despite their World Series loss to the Yankees. Rollins probably felt foolish after the Yanks made him eat his words (he predicted the Phils would win in five games), but it's still shows an appalling lack of class to insist his team was better. His teammate Ryan Howard, who virtually disappeared in the series except for his home run last night, was more gracious in giving the Yanks credit for beating them and being the better team.

The ultimate show of good sportsmanship was displayed by John Smoltz after the Yankees swept his Braves in the World Series in 1999. He gave the most dignified interview I've ever seen from a player on the losing team, giving all the credit in the world to the Yankees for a brilliant series. Someone should show Rollins that tape. Or make him watch the Yankee parade tomorrow.

Thanks to Rdikeman via Wikipedia for the photo.

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