Saturday, November 7, 2009

Euphoria in the Canyon of Heroes

I knew going to the Canyon of Heroes for the Yankee victory parade was crazy, but I wasn't about to miss their first parade since 2000. Getting close enough to see anything was a major challenge. The first street we tried was dangerously packed, but luckily we got to Barclay Street before it fully opened to the public. From there, we couldn't see the cars, but we could see the top of the floats so we got good views of Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Johnny Damon and other Yankees as they floated by on their way to City Hall.
The City Hall ceremony seemed a little flat, especially compared to the Giants ceremony last year with a stomping Michael Strahan. I wouldn't expect Captain Jeter to do anything that outrageous, but would have liked to see a little more emotion. And the ceremony was a little bittersweet because of the absence of the Boss, who was sorely missed. But I'm sure the new Yankees got a kick out of the parade and the adoration of the fans. It was nice to see Chien-Ming Wang and Xavier Nady on the dais, receiving keys to the city along with their teammates. I hope both of them recover from their injuries and return to the team next year.
The joy of the crowd was obvious. Yankee fans were in a great mood, the people who worked in the surrounding buildings not so much. A few of them were frustrated by not being able to get to their offices. And there was some pushing and shoving to get position. But for the most part, the fans were on their best behavior.

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