Friday, November 20, 2009

Swisher trade would be a mistake

Despite his postseason struggles, the Yankees denied they were looking to trade right fielder Nick Swisher. Though he certainly is not untouchable, a Swisher trade doesn't make much sense for the Yankees.

Swisher had a solid season, carrying the club when Alex Rodriguez started the season on the disabled list. If it hadn't been for Swisher, the Yanks could have fallen deeper in a hole that would have been difficult to dig out of.
He also helped energize what had become a quiet and robotic Yankee club and became a fan favorite, particularly after his relief work in a blowout game against Tampa Bay in April.

There's no doubt Swisher was a mess during the playoffs. I advocated benching him a few times because he looked so completely lost at the plate. Joe Girardi resisted that urge for most of the playoffs, only sitting him once in favor of Jerry Hairston Jr., who had great numbers against Phillies starter Pedro Martinez (we all know how much Girardi loves his numbers!). But Swisher was right back in the lineup in Game 3, hitting a home run that helped the Yanks get an important win.

The Yanks already have an open outfield spot in left field so why would they add another? Unless they get knocked off their feet with an offer, which I doubt, Swisher should stay put.

Thanks to Keith Allison via Wikipedia for the photo.

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