Monday, November 9, 2009

Shame Moose missed out on Yankee title

I feel bad for Mike Mussina for missing out on the World Series this year. Pitching for the Yankees during the 2001-08 seasons, he played in two title bouts in '01 and '03 and lost both times, although he pitched great games in the 2001 division series against the A's (better known as the Derek Jeter flip play) to stave off elimination and the 2003 World Series against the Marlins.

Moose never got that World Series ring, but he did finally win 20 games in his final season in 2008 and came close to perfection a couple of times. He won 270 games during the steroid era, won seven Gold Gloves and finished in the top 20 in strikeouts, all of which I think help make him a Hall of Famer. He had a great career, as outlined by his Yankeeography, which will be replayed tonight at 9PM ET on the YES Network.

Moose seems to be at peace with his decision to retire, but I wonder if it pains him to watch the Yanks win it all without him. Don't think the Yanks couldn't have used him this year. If they had Moose, they wouldn't have had to do a 3-man rotation in the World Series, which they were fortunate didn't burn them as AJ Burnett was not sharp on short rest. But the Yanks did good without him in winning the title and I hope Moose doesn't regret his decision.

Thanks to Mandalatv via en.Wikipedia for the photo.

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