Thursday, November 12, 2009

More hardware for Tex, Jeter

The euphoria of winning the World Series may just be starting to wear off, but the magical ride continues for Mark Teixeira and Derek Jeter as they keep taking home hard-earned awards.
It started Tuesday with them winning Gold Gloves for fantastic defensive seasons this year. Now they are both being honored for their offensive exploits, taking home the Silver Slugger awards for first base and shortstop in the American League.
Jeter won the award for the fourth time in the season in which he passed the Iron Horse Lou Gehrig for most hits by a Yankee. In typical Jeter fashion, he hit .334 and scored more than 100 runs. Tex, who has moved around quite a bit over the last few years, won the award for the third time by leading the league in ribbies with 122 and tying for tops in home runs with 39.

Tex and Jeter probably split the Most Valuable Player votes for their team, clearing a path for Joe Mauer to take home the award, which will be announced later this month. But they both had MVP-caliber seasons and will probably finish in the Top 5. Most importantly, they won the award that counts and will soon have the ring to show for it.

Thanks to Keith Allison via Wikipedia for the photo.

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