Monday, November 15, 2010

Learning about the next Yankee (hopefully) pitcher

The Daily News did fans of the New York Yankees a great service by going to Cliff Lee's hometown in Benton, Arkansas and speaking to everybody who knows him.

Okay, maybe they didn't speak to everyone, but it sure seems that way from the extensive profile they produced chronicling his life from talented kid to superstar pitcher and premier free agent. We now know a lot more about the guy who would be the next (hopefully) Yankee superstar.

I especially love the opening anecdote about Lee being afraid of speaking to a friendly crowd of 500 people because I can relate to that fear. I recently participated in a panel discussion in front of about 150 people and was terrified. I'm far more comfortable behind a computer instead of in front of a microphone, just like Lee is far more comfortable throwing a baseball, which he does better than everyone, except maybe 5 to 10 pitchers in baseball.

The story doesn't give us insight into whether Lee will ultimately sign with the Yankees or choose to stay closer to home by continuing his career with the Texas Rangers. But it does a great job in helping us understand what makes Lee tick.

Thanks to Red3biggs via Wikipedia for the photo.

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