Thursday, November 25, 2010

No reason to give thanks to Yankees for Jeter, Mo

Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera have plenty of things to give thanks for this holiday, but the gratitude of their bosses is not one of them.

Just in time for the holidays, Jeter and Mo are learning that their loyalty to the New York Yankees only goes one way. I honestly thought that when the Thanksgiving holiday came around, the Yankees would be well on their way to securing the signatures of both Jeter and Mo on new contracts to end their careers in pinstripes. But I was banking on the Yankees remaining professional through the process and showing the proper respect for their legendary stars. I guess I gave the Yankees way too much credit.

Instead of engaging in quiet and civil negotiations, the Yankees are demonstrating their gratitude for everything Jeter has done by publicly portraying him as a greedy athlete. They haven’t mentioned Mo as much, but we can safely include him in the comments Hank Steinbrenner made about the Yankees already making their athletes rich enough. How dare they publicly belittle their homegrown free agents when they are banking on their loyalty to the only organization they have every played for to keep them in pinstripes?

I hope Cliff Lee is watching the Derek Jeter saga because if he signs with the Yankees, this is the way he will be treated when his contract is up, no matter how many World Series titles he helps the Yankees win.

Being the deeply religious man that he is, Mo will probably find plenty of reason to be thankful this holiday. Jeter is probably more offended by the behavior of his bosses, as he should be. But I hope wherever they choose to spend the holiday, Derek and Mo can forget all the messiness of the contract negotiations and just focus on being grateful for what they already have (great careers, healthy families and the adoration of millions).

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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