Monday, November 8, 2010

Let the courting of Cliff Lee begin!

We may not know how it ends for a while, but the courting of Cliff Lee began with a simple phone call. With baseball’s free-agent market officially opening for business yesterday, it was not even a little surprising that Lee’s agent heard from the New York Yankees on the first day.

During the courtship, the Yankees will invite Lee and his wife for guided tours of their relatively new stadium and the nicer neighborhoods of the New York metropolitan area. They will give advice and information about the best schools for the Lee kids. They will enlist CC Sabathia to tell his good friend Cliff all about how awesome it was to win a championship with the Yankees in New York and how much Cliff would enjoy the ride down the Canyon of Heroes and the immense love and gratitude he will receive from the Yankee faithful if he puts on the pinstripes and puts the Yankees back on top.

The Yankees will apologize profusely for the behavior of the morons who harassed Mrs. Lee and the other Texas Rangers wives last month, probably with some flowers, candy and a note expressing their embarrassment (if they haven't already done so). They will assure the Lees that such behavior is not tolerated at Yankee Stadium and will not happen again.

Will it be enough? I hope so because the Yankees really need Lee. Stay tuned and maybe send some flowers.

Thanks to Red3biggs via Wikipedia for the photo.

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