Saturday, November 6, 2010

Posada wise to keep quiet on catcher/DH debate

So far this offseason, Jorge Posada has not been heard from despite all the media speculation about him switching positions. That's a wise move on his part.

In the New York Yankees organization, no player is automatically given a job. Posada isn't going to arrive at spring training in February and be immediately told he is moving into the designated hitter spot full time just so a minor leaguer can catch.

Posada had a rough 2009 baseball season with injuries and long absences and I think the Yankees will have to move him at some point. But Jesus Montero or Austin Romine will have to play extremely well next spring to unseat Posada as the primary catcher for the Yankees. Joe Girardi & Co will have to be convinced that one of those kids can play defense well enough to justify moving Posada and his bat and that's not a given.

The fiery Posada can earn a lot of points with Girardi and his teammates if he keeps his mouth shut in the offseason and heads to Tampa like a rookie trying to win a job rather than an aging veteran trying to keep it. The worst thing he could do is even hint to a reporter that he is upset about all the speculation, although he must be annoyed. If Posada can keep his emotions in check, he has an advantage over any of the kids trying to take his job and that is that the job is his to lose.

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