Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mission impossible for Larry Rothschild?

The mission for Larry Rothschild, which he has chosen to accept, is to make sure AJ Burnett doesn't self destruct again. Is it a mission impossible?

Rothschild doesn't seem to think so. If he did, he probably wouldn't have accepted the job offer from the New York Yankees, knowing that Burnett will be his top and at times his only priority.

Sure, he will work with CC Sabathia to see if they can lessen the big lefty’s mechanical problems early in the season so he can be as effective in April as he is in August and September. And he will work with young Phil Hughes to curb his tendency to give up home runs at Yankee Stadium.
But Burnett is project #1. No one was getting the job as pitching coach for the Yankees unless they could provide a roadmap for getting Burnett back on track.
Will Rothschild's plan work? Brian Cashman seems to think so. Why else would he give the new coach a three-year deal?

I hope Rothschild has some good ideas for fixing Burnett. The guy has so much talent and potential and maybe Rothschild can figure out a way to harness all that and to stop those self-doubting thoughts from creeping into AJ's head. Rothschild is a coach, not a shrink, so there may be a limit to what he can do. But hopefully it isn't an impossible mission.

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