Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yankees, Jeter playing nice again

By all accounts, the New York Yankees and Derek Jeter had a civil, face-to-face conversation in Tampa yesterday. That bodes well for the chances of quickly reaching an agreement for the Yankee Captain to remain in his pinstripes.

Although I think there is no chance of Jeter playing for another team next year or ever, I was getting concerned that the negotiations were going to degenerate into a free-for-all, with both sides waging battle in the media after last week's exchange instigated by Hal Steinbrenner. But it seems that the two sides had a nice meeting, hopefully agreeing to resolve whatever differences they have in private rather than airing their dirty laundry.

It's important that things remain civil for both the Yankees and Jeter. The captain is the face of the franchise and it does absolutely no good for the Yankees to belittle or demean him in public. For Jeter, maintaining a solid relationship with his employers will help him keep the good will and nice-guy persona that he has spent 15 years of his baseball career developing.

Jeter and the Yankees reportedly didn't talk dollars at the meeting, but they played nice, which in the grand scheme of things bodes well for figuring out a way to move forward together.

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