Thursday, January 14, 2010

David Wright stepping up for HGH test

I've gotten pretty cynical about the use of performance-enhancing drugs in baseball so I was pleasantly surprised to see Mets third baseman David Wright voicing support for testing for human growth hormone.

One of the reasons why the steroid era lasted as long as it did was that too many of the clean players stayed quiet. It's nice to finally see a player like Wright step up in favor of improving the drug policy to keep more cheaters from manipulating the system.

It's a fairly brave stance when you consider Jose Canseco still feels he got blacklisted for writing Juiced and exposing the steroids culture. While former players and baseball watchers acknowledge that Canseco was telling the truth about how widespread steroid use was in baseball, he still gets criticized over relatively minor details that may or may not be true. Does it really matter whether he actually injected Mark McGwire with steroids himself or whether McGwire got them from someone else?

It's nice to see a good guy like Wright stepping up to the plate on this issue. I really wish the New York Yankees would do the same.

Thanks to alpineinc via Wikipedia for the photo.

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