Sunday, January 24, 2010

Is a Damon return really possible?

Apparently, the reports of the end of Johnny Damon's career with the New York Yankees were premature. All that's keeping the outfielder from returning to the Bronx are money and pride, both major hurdles.

The Yankees are reportedly talking to agent Scott Boras about a possible return, but have made it clear that they fully intend to stick to their budget. So if Damon wants to return, he's going to have to do it at the team's price, much below the $13 million per year he and Boras were looking for before his market collapsed.

The idea of taking a pay cut after his solid year must really burn Damon. But he should look on the bright side. Bobby Abreu took a major pay hit last year, going from $20 million a year to a $5 million deal, but was rewarded with a two-year contract worth another $19 million after having a strong year for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. But Abreu did leave the Yankees. We'll see if Damon decides to do the same or whether he can put his pride aside and take what the Yanks are offering because playing baseball in the Bronx is really the best move for him.

Thanks to Ken N via Wikipedia for the photo.

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