Friday, January 15, 2010

Mets season may be over before it starts

Just when I thought Mets officials were starting to get their act together, here comes the unnecessarily public spat over Carlos Beltran's knee surgery. The Mets claim that Beltran had the surgery without their explicit permission and without giving them a chance to get another medical opinion. Beltran and agent Scott Boras claim the team doctor gave his blessing to go ahead with the procedure and general manager Omar Minaya did not object in a phone conversation with the Mets center fielder.

Who's right doesn't really matter at this point. But the Mets have reached a new level of dysfunction with this incident. The club's eagerness to publicly bash Beltran and implicitly threaten his contract is baffling. Why would a team want to alienate one of its star players? If they are serious about trying to void his contract, which doesn't make much sense from a baseball perspective, then they should have done so quietly rather than making a public spectacle.

The New York Yankees' crosstown rivals are really creating an ugly situation for themselves that will threaten their season, especially because Beltran is reportedly angry about the public spat. Team officials were on their way toward really improving their ballclub with the signing of Jason Bay (wonder what he's thinking about signing with the Mets now) and closing in on a deal with Bengie Molina. But now baseball people and probably Mets fans are questioning how they are running the team. It's a legitimate concern.

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