Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy for The Hawk, but he shouldn't be alone

First of all, congratulations to Andre Dawson for finally making it into the Hall of Fame after many years. He had a wonderful career, finishing with 2,774 hits, 438 home runs, 314 stolen bases and 1,591 RBI. Dawson won the 1977 National League Rookie of the Year and 1987 NL Most Valuable Player. He finally passed the magic threshold with 77.9% of the vote. "I really can't explain the elation," he said.

But the lack of other inductees is shocking and disappointing. This Hall of Fame class should have been so crowded. Roberto Alomar falling just shy of the needed 75% is unbelievable. There's no question that he was one of the best second basemen of his generation, if not the best, and he was a two-time World Series champion. I'd love to know what the writers who didn't vote for him were thinking.

I wish I knew who those five writers were who submitted blank ballots so I could start an email campaign to revoke their voting rights. The notion that no player on the ballot was worthy of Hall of Fame induction is ridiculous and I think they should be punished for injecting what is quite obviously a personal bias into this vote.

Thanks to Amineshaker via Wikipedia for the photo.

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