Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mo's best closer in real baseball

The Bleacher Report published its fantasy baseball list of the top closers. Jonathan Broxton of the Los Angeles Dodgers gets the nod as the top fantasy closer because of his high strikeout totals. But the Bleacher Report acknowledges that New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera is the better choice to save a close game even though he finished number 2 on the list.

If Dodgers manager Joe Torre could be honest, he would probably say he would rather have Rivera closing out games for him in LA than Broxton. Rivera is the greatest closer in baseball history and is the biggest reason why Torre has four World Series rings to wear.

I played in a fantasy league for a while so I know they are geared around stats and are not necessarily reflective of the best players at each position. If they were based on sheer dominance, Mo would be number one with a bullet. Same thing for Derek Jeter, even though some fantasy league owners would use his relatively low home run and RBI numbers as a reason not to pick him for their teams.

Fantasy league aside, Rivera is the best closer in baseball. As Spring Training approaches, there will be a lot of questions coming up about his health and how long he can keep pitching. Rivera said after the World Series that he could pitch another five years. I don't doubt him for a second.
Thanks to edogisgod via Wikipedia for the photo.

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