Monday, January 25, 2010

Jeter will be a highlight of SNL special

Saturday Night Live is planning a special for Sunday, Jan. 31 featuring the sports stars who have hosted the show over the years. New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter figures to be prominently featured as several skits from his hosting gig in 2001 are worthy of inclusion.

The Baseball Wives skit featuring Jeter as a disturbingly attractive woman, Mrs. Alfonso Soriano to be exact, probably makes the list. It was hilarious, poking fun at Roger Clemens' temper issues and Jeter's own looks. Another pretty funny skit was the Masseuse, featuring an overly emotional Chris Kattan rubbing down a shy and increasingly concerned Jeter. To this day, every time I hear that Enya song, I think of Kattan massaging the Yankee Captain and it still makes me laugh.

I also enjoyed the Point/Counterpoint segment on Weekend Update with Jeter trying to convince Boston Red Sox fan Seth Meyers that Jeter doesn't suck. The SNL folks might choose the Iglesias Brothers skit, which had funny moments with Kattan and Jimmy Fallon impersonating Enrique and Julio Iglesias. But that skit is weakened by Jeter's inability to carry a tune (his teammates have complained about his off-key singing for years).

One skit I don't expect to see is Derek Jeter's Taco Hole, not funny at all.

By the way, I personally thought Charles Barkley was great even though sports commentators beat him up pretty good for his recent SNL performance. I thought he was really funny in the Scared Straight skit, the gameshow skit and being mesmerized by Kristen Wiig's gross seductress. Admittedly, he wasn't in the funniest skit of the night, which had Fred Armisen impersonating New York Governor David Paterson with a slew of jokes at New Jersey's expense.

The SNL special is going to be great fun. Too bad it's going against the Grammys.

Thanks OneTwo1 via Wikipedia for the photo.

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