Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Larkin, Martinez deserved a bigger Hall push

Aside from the shock of Roberto Alomar not making the Baseball Hall of Fame, I was generally disappointed about no player other than Andre Dawson making the 2010 induction class.
I was surprised Barry Larkin only got 51.6% of the vote. He was the best overall shortstop of his generation and a Most Valuable Player in 1995. He gets hurt by being compared to Ozzie Smith and Cal Ripken Jr. But I guess half the voters isn't a terrible start considering that other players with fewer votes their first times on the ballot eventually made the Hall. I hope he gets a real big push over the next few years.
Edgar Martinez only got 36.2% of the vote, making it clear that him being primarily a designated hitter is going to really hurt him. It's a little disappointing considering he was one of the most feared hitters in the American League. He was the hitter I least wanted to see up at the plate in a big spot against the Yankees.

Although not surprising, it was disappointing to see Andres Galarraga fall short of the 5% of the vote needed to stay on the ballot. I know that people hold his Colorado numbers and injuries against him, but I expected The Big Cat to do better than 4.1%.

Thanks to Rdikeman via en.wikipedia for the photo.

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