Friday, February 26, 2010

Hope ARod can repeat good behavior

After starting last year with an embarrassing admission of steroids use and a devastating hip injury, Alex Rodriguez returned to become an integral part of what ARod called a "magical" World Series championship for the New York Yankees. "Then it becomes an addiction," he said. "You want to just keep on winning."

For both ARod and the team's sake, let's hope ARod stays addicted to winning and nothing else. Equally as important, let's hope ARod manages to repeat his good behavior from the 2009 baseball season, which finally helped him gain acceptance after years of struggling to fit in. ARod himself outlined the formula for success: being honest while talking less, focusing on baseball, feeling more comfortable in the clubhouse after receiving support from his manager Joe Girardi and teammates. "That for me, brings a lot more enjoyment," he said.

A perfect example of ARod sticking to his new mantra came up during yesterday's press conference. He wisely did not repeat a mistake of the past: criticizing former pal Derek Jeter. When asked about Jeter's contract situation, ARod said Jeter was born to be a Yankee, that the team needs him, that he couldn't imagine the Yankee Captain playing anywhere else and he envisioned him remaining in pinstripes. A year ago, ARod could have easily put his foot in his mouth on that one. Not this year.

While I can't help but feel that ARod will say or do something to stir up controversy, I hope I'm wrong.

Thanks to edogisgod via Wikipedia for the photo.

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