Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yankees should hope for a quiet spring

A few columns have emerged lamenting the lack of controversy at the start of spring training camp for the New York Yankees. After years of scandals and disruptions, a quiet spring training completely focused on baseball is exactly what the Yankees should be hoping for. It would allow the players to concentrate on defending their title.

Controversies have been a hallmark of Yankees spring training camps for many years, but none were bigger than the mess at this time last year. The Yankees had to deal with the fallout from Sports Illustrated's scoop on Alex Rodriguez's steroids use as a member of the Texas Rangers, culminating in that disastrous, embarrassing, painful to watch press conference. The mess took the shine away from what should have been a wonderful spring training with new players CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett and Mark Teixeira coming into the Yankees family.

Even Yankee Captain Derek Jeter is not immune to spring training chaos, having to answer questions after owner George Steinbrenner criticized his party habits and about his relationship with ARod after the trade that brought him to the Yankees.
The media is already trying to turn the lack of negotiations on new pacts for Jeter and Mariano Rivera into the major controversy of this spring training. But unless one of them says something inflammatory (highly unlikely), the noise should quiet down.

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