Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jeter's baseball focus second to none

I marvel at Derek Jeter's ability to stay focused on what's most important to him (baseball, his family and his Turn 2 Foundation) without encountering a major controversy during his New York Yankees tenure. It's a noteworthy feat in a city where the media is always on the lookout for the next major story. Jeter refuses to help them in that quest.

Exhibit A: yesterday's press conference. Aside from stating that he wants to play for the Yankees for his entire career and that he wouldn't address his contract status again until the end of the season, the captain made it clear that he has put last year's World Series title in his rear-view mirror as the team seeks to repeat. As Jeter said, the Yankees haven't won anything in 2010.

Jeter's focus is particularly remarkable considering he is a single athlete in New York. I was talking to my two sisters about John Meyer's repulsive comments about his ex-girlfriends. I made the point that you would never catch Jeter saying anything either positive or negative about any of his current or former girlfriends. My two sisters, neither of whom are baseball fans, nodded in agreement.
That won't stop the media from trying to dig up something either personal or professional about the Yankee Captain. By refusing to publicly discuss such matters and keeping his focus on baseball, Jeter has taken the right approach, one that will serve him well as the media seeks to turn his contract status into an ongoing storyline this season. So even if he is truly bothered by the team's refusal to even consider an extension, we'll never know.

Thanks to Googie man via en.Wikipedia for the photo.

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