Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Random Yankees thoughts

A bunch of New York Yankees fans are trying to preserve Gate 2 of the old Yankee stadium, vowing to sue after a city agency approved a plan to commemorate the old home without preserving the gate, which city officials argued could be costly. I would love to see as much of the old (and better) stadium's history preserved as possible, but in these tough economic times with the city struggling to pay its bills, there needs to be a balance between sentimentality and reality. I admire the fans' loyalty, but I think their efforts could be devoted to a more worthy cause.

* George Steinbrenner made a rare appearance at the spring training facility named for him. Steinbrenner's family fiercely guards his privacy and I completely agree that people shouldn't speculate about the health of the Boss. I'm just glad to see him whenever he makes an appearance. I sometimes miss the old days with the roaring Boss. No matter what you thought of him personally, he always made things very interesting. Yankees camp has gotten dull with Hal Steinbrenner in charge of the team.

* Per Major League Baseball's new policy, a notice was posted in the Yankee clubhouse telling players that they are not allowed to bring weapons into the facility, a noteworthy policy in the wake of the locker room incident with the Washington Wizards where basketball players tried to resolve a gambling dispute by drawing weapons. Given the Yankees history with performance-enhancing drugs, they need a drug policy reminder more than a weapons notice.

* Jorge Posada recently compared CC Sabathia to former Yankee pitcher and perfect game winner David Wells. Being a big lefty blessed with a durable arm is about the only thing CC and Boomer have in common. CC is a quiet, family guy while Boomer was beloved by Yankee fans, including me, for his beer-guzzling, feisty ways.

* Ben Affleck will reportedly direct and possibly star in a movie about the infamous wife swap of Yankees players Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich. Not surprising that a die-hard Boston Red Sox fans would want to dredge up one of the most shameful incidents in Yankees history, but I hope he doesn't sensationalize the story more than it already is.

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