Friday, February 26, 2010

Phillips: Mets moves baffling

New York Mets fans are not the only ones puzzled by the team's decision making over the last few months. Steve Phillips, taking a break from talking about his sex addiction, questioned several offseason moves and spring training decisions made by team officials.

In terms of the offseason, the signing of Jason Bay was a baseball move the Mets needed to make, but Bay is not great defensively and can't be the centerpiece of the offense that the team expects because "he's not an aircraft carrier." The Mets should have signed other players to help their team, including Bengie Molina.

Phillips found their early spring training choices equally baffling, namely the decision to bat Jose Reyes third in a RBI position rather than a run-scoring spot. "I just don't understand it," Phillips said.

The only explanation Phillips could come up with was that Omar Minaya's hands were tied, with the team running out of money after signing Bay. He was sympathetic, noting that he encountered similar problems as the Mets general manager that were made worse by playing in the same city as the New York Yankees. While the expectations are the same for both teams, the Mets can't match their crosstown rivals in tradition and resources. "I think it's the toughest executive position in sports," Phillips said of the Mets GM job.

But as much sympathy as he has for Minaya and the Mets, their moves cast serious doubt on the team's ability to win 90 games this year, which they may need to do to compete with the Philadelphia Phillies and Atlanta Braves. "I just don't see it happening," he said.

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