Tuesday, June 22, 2010

AJ doesn't make Dbacks pay for low blow

The Arizona Diamondbacks started last night's game against the New York Yankees by having Matt Williams, Mark Grace and Luis Gonzalez from their 2001 World Series championship team throw out the first pitch. It was a low-class move, especially since all the Yankee fans who came to support our team are keeping the hotels and restaurants in this town in business. I was hoping AJ Burnett would make them pay for it. But he couldn't do the job, getting smacked all around the ballpark.

Watching Burnett pitch has once again become the most frustrating part of being a Yankee fan, followed in a close second by the inconsistency of the Yankees offense. Every time the Dbacks made contact off Burnett, it was a long line drive, usually for a home run. Every time the Yankees were on the verge of a rally, the hitter at the plate would pop up, most notably a very frustrated Mark Teixeira. It amazes me that a pitcher as talented as Burnett can be so erratic, just as it amazes me that a lineup with the caliber of the Yankees can be so inconsistent.

Luckily for the Yankees, Andy Pettitte is on the mound today and I'm hoping he can restore order in the Yankee universe. Otherwise my flirtation with heat stroke will be for nothing.

Thanks to shortstopVM via Wikipedia for the photo.

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