Thursday, June 3, 2010

Do the right thing Bud Selig!

Sometimes the right thing to do is so clear that there shouldn't be an argument. A mistake was made, a terrible mistake that cost Armando Galarraga a perfect game. But it is a correctable mistake and Bud Selig should correct it.

Umpire Jim Joyce made a terrible call when he ruled that Cleveland Indians shortstop Jason Donald beat a throw to the first-base bag on what should have been the 27th out, ruining Galarraga’s perfect game. Even in live action, the runner was clearly out and the replays confirmed that. Galarraga somehow kept his composure and proceeded to get the next hitter out and preserve the 3-0 victory. It will go down as a one-hit shutout, but it was a blown call and should not cost the kid his well-earned recognition in the history books. Give him back his perfect game.

There are some baseball purists who will say overruling the call will open a Pandora's Box for missed calls. I think not. Even non-baseball fans who see the play will realize that this is a unique situation. Selig can step in this one time to make things right, making it clear that he will not make this a regular occurrence. That is exactly what should happen.

Joyce made a mistake. He's a human being and human beings make mistakes all the time. We all understand that. But part of being a human being is admitting mistakes and doing whatever can be done to fix them. Joyce did his part with his teary, heartfelt apology to the young pitcher. Now it's time for Selig to do his part.

Do the right thing Bud! Give the kid his perfect game back.

Thanks to Major League Baseball for the photo.

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