Monday, June 28, 2010

Mariano Rivera shows Torre no mercy

A couple of days after professing his love and affection for Joe Torre, Mariano Rivera saddled his old manager with two painful losses, showing that not even Torre's Dodgers would be spared what other teams have suffered time and time again.

The legendary closer was at his very best this weekend, saving CC Sabathia's fantastic 2-1 win on Friday and earning a win himself with a two-inning stint to finish the New York Yankee’s improbable comeback on Sunday. Rivera faced 10 batters this weekend and struck out six, much to the dismay of the man who used to have a front-row seat for Rivera’s trip to baseball immortality. Undoubtedly, Torre was not at all surprised. But after watching Jonathan Broxton blow a four-run lead, he had to be a little jealous that he was no longer the one making the call to Mariano to close the game.

Rivera has now saved 17 of the Yankees wins this season, blowing only one game, with a ridiculously low 0.92 ERA. His performance has ratcheted up the talk that he will join Andy Pettitte and Phil Hughes on the American League All-Start pitching staff, making it his 11th selection for the midsummer classic.

"You can't compare Mo to anybody else," Pettitte said, noting his closer's superior mentality and command. "Mariano's in a league of his own."

Once again, the Terminator showed no mercy, not even to an old friend.

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