Friday, June 18, 2010

Joba and Mr. Hyde

What is with Joba Chamberlain's Jekyll and Hyde routine? Either he's lights out or a total bust.

We never know which Joba will come running out of the bullpen in the late innings for the New York Yankees. Before last night, he actually had been pitching fairly well, giving up only one run in June, with a few too many hits, but keeping most runners from scoring.
But against the Philadelphia Phillies, he reverted back to the struggling reliever he was in May, giving up three runs without getting a batter out. Maybe Joba really has turned a corner, but last night’s outing looked too much like his disastrous pitching performances in the first two months of the season to chalk it up to being a fluke.

It’s hard to say why Joba is struggling, particularly because he wasn’t talking last night. It was left to his manager to explain his set-up guy’s bad outing and Joe Girardi didn’t have a good answer. Chamberlain’s next trip to the mound, whenever it comes, will be telling.

For Joba, there's no in between. He's either really, really good or just awful.

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