Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Swisher's magical May ends on high note

Although Joe Girardi might be happy to turn the calendar page, Nick Swisher is one member of the New York Yankees who did not want May to end. He hit more than .370 and his power and RBI numbers were off the charts. And Swisher finished up on a high note, right in the middle of several Yankee rallies and battling the right field wall on key plays this weekend.

Of course, Swisher being the jokester that he is, was more eager to talk about the ugly Memorial Day hats the Yankees had to wear (I didn't think they were so bad, but I didn't have to put one on either). He did pledge to wear the hat again if the Yankees continue their hot hitting, living up to the stereotype of the superstitious ballplayer.

Swisher's had a good month personally too. The Yankees outfielder confirmed he will marry actress Joanna Garcia (who has been on two of my favorite TV shows: Gossip Girl and How I Met Your Mother). He must really enjoy being engaged because he has had several big hits since then, including a clutch home run against the Minnesota Twins to help Andy Pettitte win a game.
Here's hoping Swisher's magical run continues, even if it is June now.

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