Friday, June 25, 2010

ARod's bitterness towards Torre runs deep

It is very clear that Alex Rodriguez is still extremely bitter and angry with Joe Torre. But this anger runs so deep, I wonder if it's just based on all the negative tidbits about ARod that surfaced in Torre's book, the Yankee Years, co-written by Tom Verducci. Or is it that ARod, who desperately needs love and approval, could never get it from Torre?

Granted, the book did not paint ARod in a flattering light. In fact, it outlined some rather disturbing images of ARod, including an unnatural obsession with New York Yankees Captain Derek Jeter. It also put ARod’s narcissistic, high-maintenance side on full display and described in vivid detail how damaging he was in the clubhouse, decimating what was left of the team-first mentality that the late 1990s Yankees were famous for. But it seems like there’s more to ARod’s feelings towards his former manager than that.

ARod was in a tough spot with Torre because of the manager's relationship with Jeter. Torre has admitted that Jeter is not only his favorite player, but practically a son to him, with the two of them still pretty close even though they are with teams 3,000 miles apart. Their mutual adoration and bond was and is unshakable. And because ARod came to the Yankees still locked in a bitter feud with his once-close friend, he was never going to win with Torre. No matter what the situation, Torre always took Derek's side, even defending him against an angry Brian Cashman, who thought that the Captain should defend ARod against booing Yankee fans, according to the book.

ARod had to be relieved when Torre left the Yankees and Joe Girardi was his new manager, allowing him a fresh start with a guy who wasn't completely devoted to the Captain. But it's clear that the Torre years still gnaw at ARod. Maybe he feels that he suffered needlessly because Torre, a master with the press, couldn't or wouldn't protect him for all the bad headlines. Or maybe he's just still angry at never getting a fair share of Torre's love.

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