Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dear Mrs. Lee: I'm very, very sorry

Dear Mrs. Lee:

I sincerely apologize for the crude, obnoxious treatment you experienced at the hands of fellow fans of the New York Yankees. I use the word fans loosely here because they are clearly not real fans, but boorish thugs. The behavior you described is deplorable and I completely embarrassed by it. I really hope Yankee officials can somehow figure out who was responsible and ban them forever from Yankee Stadium. I wasn't personally there to witness this behavior (couldn't get tickets to the playoffs this year), but if I had been, I assure you I would have immediately spoken to security to put a stop to it.

Unfortunately, you are not the only woman to experience this type of lunacy from drunken, out-of-control idiots. I've been to more than hundred Yankee games without incident, but two games that I attended alone stick out in my mind. I once had the misfortune of getting hit with a ketchup bomb during a Yankees-Red Sox game a few years ago. Perhaps the jerk who threw it was too drunk to distinguish between the Yankee blue I was wearing and the red jerseys being worn by the Red Sox fans sitting below me, but it was still unacceptable. Another time I was harassed during God Bless America for failing to remove my cap because the drunken idiot who was yelling at me didn't realize that I was a woman. I quickly found a cop who would have escorted the idiot out of the stadium had he not run away like the coward he is.

I'm not writing this letter in the hopes of changing your mind about letting your husband Cliff Lee pitch for the Yankees next year. I personally wouldn't blame you if you put your foot down and told him there is no way in hell you will live in New York. I would just like to assure you that not all Yankee fans are like that. In fact, most of us are very well behaved and just there to support our team and enjoy a well-played baseball game. I hope that you will give us, as a group, the benefit of the doubt. But either way, I sincerely apologize for the humiliation you experienced at Yankee Stadium, not from people who are real fans, but people who are real jerks.


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