Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tough break for tough Teixeira, Yankees

Losing the toughest guy in pinstripes to a season-ending injury is a devastating blow the New York Yankees will probably not recover from.

I could tell immediately from Mark Teixeira's reaction that there would be no more baseball for him this season. Tex is the toughest guy in a Yankees uniform, playing the last month of the season with a broken toe and an injured finger. When he didn't even try to get up last night, it was obvious that the injury was bad. And the pained look on his face said it all.

The Yankees first baseman didn't even wait for the MRI to tell reporters that he was done in the playoffs. For a guy as tough as Tex, the realization that his banged-up body wouldn't cooperate with him any longer must have been crushing.

Even with his lack of hits, Teixeira is still a dangerous hitter and a key cog in the Yankees lineup. And with the Yankees pitchers already struggling, his superior defense will be sorely missed. It would too much to expect Lance Berkman or someone else on the bench to step up to fill the void created by Teixeira’s absence.

Losing Teixeira may be the body blow that puts the Yankees away for good this postseason.

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