Friday, October 1, 2010

Yankees in control of their own destiny

The Kansas City Royals are doing the New York Yankees a huge favor by playing the role of spoiler to perfection. But the Yankees need to take advantage.

The Royals got a complete game shutout from Bruce Chen to hand the Tampa Bay Rays another loss, putting the Yankees back in first place by a half game. The Bronx Bombers are now firmly in control of their own destiny. If they can beat the Boston Red Sox three games in a row, they will clinch the American League East division.

It won't be an easy task. Doubleheaders are difficult under the best of circumstances, but this one will be a major challenge because the Yankees are scheduled to start AJ Burnett in the second game. Also, I can't imagine that Joe Girardi is going to start his main guys in both games so look for Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and maybe one or two others to get that second game off.

Jeter noted earlier in the week that the Yankees needed help to win the division. They've gotten it from the Royals. But they can't count on Kansas City winning another game or two. The Yanks must now do the heavy lifting by winning what will be three tough games in Boston.

All a team heading toward the playoffs can ask for is to have control of its own destiny. The Yankees have that now. They need to win.

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