Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yankees troubles not over despite clinch

The New York Yankees may be a team bound for the playoffs, but they sure don't look like it.

The Yankees blew a huge opportunity to gain some ground in the race for the American League East title, which they say they want although they are not acting like it. A team that really wants first place and home-field advantage in the playoffs does not start Javier Vazquez, who basically assured himself of not making the postseason roster with his performance against the Toronto Blue Jays.

The Bronx Bombers are really going to have to live up to their nickname this weekend in Boston if they have any hope of surpassing the Tampa Bay Rays for division supremacy. Because the Rays own the tiebreaker, the Yankees have to beat the Red Sox in at least two games this weekend (more likely three) and hope the Kansas City Royals can play spoiler.

Given the way the Yankees have been playing, I don't like the odds, especially since they will have their horses on a tight leash. Andy Pettitte is going to be on a strict pitch count and Phil Hughes will be limited to a couple of innings at the most if he even does start Sunday. Joe Girardi will likely rest at least two or three of his regulars each game (even though they have two days off before the playoffs start) so backups like Eduardo Nunez, Ramiro Pena and Juan Miranda will be leading the charge for the division.

I hope they enjoyed the party they had clinching a postseason spot because it doesn't look like they will get another one this weekend.

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