Sunday, September 26, 2010

Up to Hughes to save Yankees season

Given the way the New York Yankees have struggled the last four games, it's not overstating it to say that they are turning to Phil Hughes to save their season.

And why not? If a baseball team is going to go down, wouldn't they want to go down knowing that at least they lost with their best guys on the field? I would take more comfort in Hughes getting beat by the Boston Red Sox tonight than Dustin Moseley getting beat.

I'm glad Joe Girardi & Co are finally showing some urgency, some fight, even a little desperation. They have acted for too long like the playoffs are firmly within their grasp, but they have not played like it at all and let their postseason berth slip through their fingers.

If the Yankees can win tonight, they can creep closer to the Tampa Bay Rays and essentially be even heading into the last week of the regular season. Even though the Rays have an easier schedule, the Yankees have a chance to seize not only a postseason berth, but home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. But they must turn it on for the last week and that begins by putting their best guys on the field, starting tonight with their 17-game winner Hughes. The Yankees need their talented youngster to step up and save his team.

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