Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tight series promises more fun in October

After an exciting three days of baseball, I can't wait for the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays to meet again next week. But I really want to see these two teams go mano a mano for the American League Championship in October.

The most fun matchup in the ALCS would be the big bad Yankees going up against Joe Maddon's young guns. Sure both the Yankees and Rays will have to get past the Minnesota Twins and the Texas Rangers, which won't be an easy task. But if they can do it, we'll have ourselves a masterpiece of a bout for the league title.

Think about it. Whichever team finishes second in the American League East probably still makes the playoffs, but will have to hear all about how they couldn't finish off their rivals when they had the chance in September. Despite the Yankees recent stumbles, the Bombers and the Rays are still the two best teams in baseball. One of them isn't making it to the World Series and the battle to see who makes it and who goes home will be a thriller.

Even though the Yankees lost two out of three, I like their chances, especially if Andy Pettitte comes back strong. They likely will have their full lineup back, which is critical because not having Nick Swisher and Brett Gardner playing full time really hurt them in Tampa (Austin Kearns isn't getting any more important at-bats once Swish comes back healthy). They could have those guys back next week, which will make the four-game series even more fun than this week’s matchup. But it's October baseball I’m really looking forward to.

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