Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Playoffs or bust for Hughes, Yankees

Phil Hughes put the New York Yankees within striking distance of another berth in the playoffs.

He wasn't crisp by any stretch of the imagination. I actually thought Hughes was sharper in last week's loss to the Tampa Bay Rays. But he battled for a solid 6 1/3rd innings against the team’s division rivals. Unlike Javier Vazquez or AJ Burnett, the youngster has figured out how to win baseball games when he doesn't have his best stuff. It bodes well as the Yankees head toward October, with Hughes solidifying a spot in the postseason rotation.

The Yankees looked terrible losing five of six games to the Texas Rangers, a potential playoff opponent, and the pesky Rays, who have been breathing down the Yankees necks. But they have turned things completely around with Derek Jeter looking more like himself at the plate and Nick Swisher and Brett Gardner fighting their way back into the lineup after injury layoffs. The most important return, of course, was Andy Pettitte, looking like he didn't miss a beat despite his two-month stint on the disabled list and boosting his team’s October hopes.

For Hughes and the Yankees, it's playoffs or bust. The magic number is down to three.

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