Thursday, September 23, 2010

Random Yankee thoughts

I'm sick and tired of the New York Yankees acting like Alex Rodriguez's home run total actually means something. ARod was honored for hitting his 600th home run before yesterday's game. I guess the Yankees figure if they have to pay him for all the records he's going to break, they must act like his conquests are legitimate. Perhaps they were concerned about potential public relations fallout since they conducted that wonderful ceremony last year honoring Derek Jeter’s breaking of the Yankees all-time hits record and Mariano Rivera’s 500th save. But those are two iconic Yankees and ARod is a carpetbagger. I hope no one in the organization actually believes ARod’s records should be celebrated.

* I adore Mariano Rivera for many reasons, the latest being his insistence that the Yankees should not celebrate simply making the playoffs. The great closer prefers to wait until his team wins the American League East to celebrate the regular season. I completely agree. Relying on the wild card for a berth in the playoffs when there is a chance to win the division is a copout, something Mo obviously understands. You don't get to his level, and really no one else ever has, by cutting corners. The good thing is that when he speaks, the Yankees listen so I don't expect to see any party footage until they clinch the division.

* George Steinbrenner is getting the last laugh. The Boss, never one to walk away from a good controversy, must love the uproar caused by the size of his monument. Sure, it's ostentatious and worships the Boss over immortal Yankee players, but did we really expect anything less? By the way, I disagree with Bud Selig that Steinbrenner deserves to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. I don't blame Selig for lobbying for his friend's induction and there's no question that Steinbrenner had more of an impact on the game than any other owner of his generation, but he also did a lot of damage to the sport.

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