Friday, September 3, 2010

Random Yankee thoughts

Dallas Braden found out yesterday that indifference is the worst form of cruelty. Braden was expecting to be mercilessly booed by the New York Yankees faithful during his Thursday start. Instead, he was greeted with a collective yawn as Yankee fans couldn't muster much contempt in their hearts for Mr. Perfect, to his utter disappointment. No doubt the matchup would have had a lot more juice if Alex Rodriguez was in the lineup (and dared to try to cross Braden’s mound again), but it was not meant to be.

* I'm very glad to see that Jorge Posada apologized to umpire Dana DeMuth for his world-class meltdown at the plate Wednesday evening. No question the umpire blew the strike-three call (an umpire blowing a call: shocking!), but Posada's tirade was completely inappropriate and left me wincing as he pointed to the spot where the pitch was to demonstrate just how far outside it was. If Posada's outburst had happened a day earlier, the Yankees would have been in a real bad spot, with poor Ramiro Pena likely taking over as catcher after Posada's ejection, but luckily the Yankees were able to call up another catcher prior to the game due to baseball’s expanded rosters. I hope Joe Girardi made that point in a way Posada understands because for all his fire, which Yankee fans love, Posada is prone to head-scratching tantrums that could one day end up costing his team dearly.

* It's hard to feel sorry for Scott Boras for getting dumped by ARod. He will still get his cut of the third baseman's $275 million plus contract with the Yankees. For Boras, the blow to his ego from being rejected by his star client is probably the worst part.

* CC Sabathia's mom Margie has gotten a lot of attention recently, winning the Little League Parent of the Year award when her son is well on his way to a second Cy Young award and his first 20-win season. It used to be Derek Jeter's mother and father that were the most visible, with televisions eager to cut to the shortstop's proud parents anytime he was on base or made a nice play, but they have not been seen on camera much recently. Margie has stiff competition for the title of most famous Yankee parent from Dori and Phil Hughes Sr. They did a fun post-game interview with Kim Jones after their son PJ nearly no-hit the Oakland A’s and proudly gave fans a tour of their house, including PJ’s bedroom and his bobble-head collection, and introduced us to his dog Max.

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