Sunday, September 12, 2010

Derek Jeter taking his struggles in stride

The only bright spot of the clean sweep at the hands of the Texas Rangers today was watching Derek Jeter knock in the only run for the New York Yankees and walk twice against the otherwise dominant Cliff Lee. Perhaps it's a sign that Jeter is about to break out of his mysterious slump.

By the way, today's hit was #2,900 for Captain Jeter, putting him only 100 hits shy of the magic number that basically guarantees entrance into the Baseball Hall of Fame. But I'm sure Jeter is more concerned about and disturbed by the three consecutive losses to the Rangers and the failure to battle back against a potential postseason opponent.

In terms of his personal struggles, Jeter seems to be taking them in stride. Despite all the attention his prolonged slump has received, the Yankee shortstop sounds like he is focused on improving his swing over the next three weeks in preparation for the playoffs rather than obsessing about what has gone wrong over the last two months.

It's the right attitude because there's nothing he can do to get his numbers anywhere near his usual career standards. All he can do is relax and get as ready for October as he possible can.

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