Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sigh of relief for Yankees as Posada OK

The New York Yankees are breathing a sigh of relief now that they know that Jorge Posada is not suffering a concussion and will be OK despite getting hit on the head with a foul tip behind the plate.

For Jorge, the clean bill of health is just the latest good news, which started with the release of a book he wrote with his wife Laura called the Beauty of Love about finding out their son had a rare, life-threatening condition called craniosynostosis and the sale of special T-shirts commemorating his 1,000 RBI milestone to benefit his foundation that helps other children with the condition.

In breaking the news of Posada's injury during his post-game press conference yesterday, Joe Girardi sounded a little worried. Being a former catcher, Girardi knows these kinds of injuries come with the territory, but he also expressed concern as he talked about how other players have been affected for lengthy time periods by concussions.

Girardi cares about his players so he was more worried about Posada's health. But as the Yankee manager, he also had to worry about the stretch run and postseason implications of Posada possibly headed to the disabled list so late in the season. Concussions take a long time to heal and the catcher could have been out for at least a month because the Yankees, unlike the Mets, take no chances with their injured players.

Imagine the Yankees in the playoffs with a slumping Francisco Cervelli, who has suffered multiple concussions himself, as the primary catcher. As Girardi indicated, you lose a lot of playoff experience if Posada is on the sidelines. But Posada is going to be fine and will likely catch again after sitting out the next game or two under his ultra-cautious manager. And that's a relief for everyone in the organization.

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