Saturday, September 25, 2010

Yankees making race way too interesting

I watched with envy as the Texas Rangers celebrated clinching the American League West tonight, mostly because I also had to watch the New York Yankees let their chance to clinch a spot in the playoffs this weekend slip away.

I didn't expect the Yankees to clinch first because they are in the toughest division in baseball. But I also didn't expect them to get smacked around at home as they have the last four days by the Tampa Bay Rays and the Boston Red Sox. They're still stuck on the magic number to clinch at 3. The Saux are playing like they have nothing to lose, like they still believe they have a chance, and given the way the Yanks have played against them, I wouldn't rule it out. This race is getting way too interesting and that's the Yankees fault.

The Yankees are trying to strike a balance between making the playoffs and preparing for the playoffs. I say that making the playoffs should be the primary focus, but their revamping of the rotation belies that. I have no problem with Phil Hughes being skipped again. Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi have consistently said that they will protect him at all costs. But pushing CC Sabathia back so he only has one start? Sure, he'll be ready to pitch Game 1 of the American League Division Series. But what if the Yankees don't make it that far, partly because CC pitched only one game down the stretch instead of two?

So the Yankees will be ready for the playoffs with CC lined up to start Game 1 and Andy Pettitte ready for Game 2 if that's where Girardi decides he wants him. But the Yankees have to make it first. I hope they do or their plan will be a colossal failure.

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