Monday, September 27, 2010

Super Phil Hughes saves Yankees season

Call him Super Phil! When the New York Yankees needed to be rescued, they turned to a 24-year-old pitcher, who promptly put his team on his back and flew them to safety.

Phil Hughes didn't get the win last night, but that did not matter at all. What he did for the Yankees was step up with a performance that put them back on course for the playoffs. With a key assist from David Robertson, Hughes ended his night just giving up one run to the dangerous Red Sox. After the way the Red Sox slapped around Andy Pettitte and Ivan Nova, the Yankees needed a starter to stop Boston’s offensive onslaught and that’s exactly what Hughes did.

After struggling with the long ball and location for most of the second half, Hughes has looked more like the guy he was at the beginning of the year, the dominating pitcher who was so instrumental and confident coming out of the bullpen last year. He looked every inch the future ace the Yankees expect him to be. The Yankees have been desperate to protect Hughes, with this innings limit looming as his Kryptonite. But give Joe Girardi credit for living in the moment, understanding that after four bad losses at home his team needed a save and turning to the right guy for the rescue.

Protection be damned. The Yankees needed a win and turned to the guy they knew could make it happen for them. Super Phil to the rescue.

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