Sunday, October 3, 2010

Yankees lose control of destiny with ugly loss

Even though the New York Yankees gave AJ Burnett four runs early, it wasn't enough to get a win and keep the Yankees firmly in control of their destiny.

Burnett's numbers were fine last night, but he made the kind of boneheaded play that will definitely keep him out of the postseason rotation for the division series and perhaps off the postseason roster. He let a run score because he was incredulous about a safe call at first base, reminiscent of the infamous David Cone play in Atlanta when the then-Mets pitcher allowed two runs to score because he was arguing a call. It's this loss of composure that makes Burnett untrustworthy for a team that will have a tough time in the playoffs regardless of its opponent.

But the erratic righty wasn't alone in blowing the nightcap, with errors by Lance Berkman and Francisco Cervelli contributing to the Red Sox scoring. Plus, the Yankees offense was terrible with runners on base in both games of the doubleheader, not exactly inspiring for postseason play. You knew the Yankees were in deep trouble when Ivan Nova kept coming out to start innings, even though he was struggling badly. But I can't blame Joe Girardi for that one because he used all his best guys to make sure the Yankees won the first game after Andy Pettitte lasted only four innings.

So the Yankees hopes for an American League East title rest on Dustin Moseley's shoulders and the Kansas City Royals gearing up for one more game as a spoiler against the Tampa Bay Rays. Can't say I like the Yankees chances today, but stranger things have happened in baseball.

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