Friday, October 22, 2010

Hughes can keep Yankees season going

If Phil Hughes can give the New York Yankees the type of game CC Sabathia gave them two nights ago, the ultimate comeback will be well within their collective grasp.

Sabathia's outing wasn't pretty, but effective as he limited the damage to two runs in six innings. If Hughes can match that, I think the Yankee offense will score enough runs to win the game. If they can't score three or more runs tonight, then they deserve to go home.

I think Hughes can do it. He seems relieved that he has the opportunity to redeem himself after his disastrous Game 2 start and a chance to keep his team’s season going. The 24-year-old right hander will be highly motivated to put forth a performance that proves he deserves to be mentioned when talking about baseball’s best young starters. Plus, he will be on regular rest and we know how starters love their routines.

If the Yankees win Game 6, they will have to beat Cliff Lee to move on to the World Series. But first things first. Hughes & Co have to take care of business tonight.

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