Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hughes, Yanks step over Twins on way to title

The Minnesota Twins never had a chance, playing the role of doormat to the New York Yankees to perfection.

I cautioned against underestimating the Twinkies heading into the American League Division Series, but it turns out there was no need to worry because the Twins were never really in this series. Just like they were never in the game tonight with the Yankees quickly staking Phil Hughes to a 4-0 lead. As dominant as the youngster was in his first postseason start, that lead was insurmountable.

The Twins are a good team, but the Yankees are clearly in their heads. Minnesota was never able to overcome that sense of impending doom that started Wednesday night when they could not keep the Yankees from scoring late, could not protect the 3-run lead they got off of Yankee ace CC Sabathia. The Yankees made their comeback, brought in the hammer with Mariano Rivera and the Twins were done.

So on to the next step. We don't know who the Yankees will face in the next round of the playoffs yet. But whether it's the Tampa Bay Rays or the Texas Rangers, I imagine they'll put up a much better fight than the Twins did.

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