Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Loss puts Yankees in a terrible bind

The New York Yankees were throttled by Cliff Lee in a loss that puts them in a terrible bind.

Now the Yankees have to win tonight or risk facing elimination and a quick end to their World Series title hopes. That will be an extremely difficult assignment; with AJ Burnett scheduled to start Game 4 of the American League Championship Series and the Yankees offense sleeping the series away. Yes, Lee can induce a slumber in the best hitters, but this really goes back to Game 2 and the Yankees inability to do much against the pitching of the Texas Rangers.

Andy Pettitte was his typical reliable self yesterday, only giving up two runs in seven innings. But the runs came too early in the game and the Yankees were never able to recover. Once that ball left Josh Hamilton's bat heading for the seats, the game was over. The next 8 1/2 innings were just a formality. A six-run outburst put the game well out of reach in the 9th, but the Yankees were done long before then.

By the way, if Lee was auditioning for Yankee fans, consider me on board. The man will get paid handsomely after the way he's pitched, especially in the playoffs, and the Yankees will be first in line with their checkbook.


  1. RYC - Did you change the site's layout? It's been a while since I stopped by. If so, then it looks good. If not, well then it still looks good.

    As for the Yankees, tonight's the right night for them to bounce back. Hunter is just as much of a wildcard as AJ is.

    Here's to hoping.

  2. I cleaned it up a little bit. It got a bit cluttered. Thanks for noticing. =)

    I'm hoping AJ can pull off a miracle.