Saturday, July 2, 2011

ARod news cast pall on Subway Series

Alex Rodriguez is having a mixed weekend off the baseball diamond.

First the good news: Dr. Anthony Galea, who treated ARod after his hip injury, has agreed to a plea deal on felony charges, avoiding any possibility of ARod being hauled in front of a jury to testify under oath about the treatment he received from Galea. The New York Yankees third baseman seems to have dodged a bullet and avoided making statements that could subject him to disciplinary action by Major League Baseball. Bud Selig & Co have been watching the case because Galea was known to have treated some patients with human growth hormone, the use of which the league is trying to eradicate.

But MLB’s not done with ARod yet. Now Selig & Co will have to examine whether ARod has broken a vow to stay away from illegal card games. I don’t know that baseball can discipline ARod even if it does find evidence of this type of questionable behavior, but Selig must be really annoyed about having to deal with another ARod problem while he has the whole Frank McCourt/Los Angeles Dodgers mess on his hands.

The most irksome thing about these latest ARod-related news flashes is not so much that they happened because we expect drama with ARod no matter what. But it’s really frustrating that this news came to light during an exciting match-up between the Yankees and the Mets, casting a pall over the Subway Series and taking attention away from the baseball being played on the field.

I was hoping for a controversy-free weekend full of great baseball, but with ARod on my team, that's apparently too much too hope for.

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