Friday, July 1, 2011

Mets feisty play brings extra juice to Subway Series

There’s some extra juice to this weekend’s Subway Series and it’s all because of the New York Mets.

Of course I’m thrilled by the New York Yankees’ recent dominance over any team unfortunate enough to cross their path these days (Sorry, Prince Fielder – bet you had more fun in NY when your dad played for the Yankees). And they have surpassed even my expectations with their ability to step up in the face of some devastating injuries (Phil Hughes’ first half stint on the disabled list, Joba Chamberlain’s shocking season-ending arm injury).

But it’s the Mets feisty play of late that should make this Subway Series really interesting, quite fun and memorable. This is their chance to prove that they can keep up with the big boys in baseball. If they could sweep the Yankees, then they will prove that they aren’t just a tease, that there is a reason for Mets fans to cough up their hard-earned dough and head to Citi Field in the second half of the season (for me, the cannolis are reason enough).

The Mets have a lot going for them this weekend, starting with the sterling play of one Jose Reyes (no, I’m not about to give him Derek Jeter’s job, but I can admire Reyes’ play from my comfortable perch). Without CC Sabathia pitching this weekend, there isn’t one game that you would say that the Yankees should automatically win. So the Mets have a chance, not a great one, but good enough.

Let’s play ball, baby! The battle for New York begins again tonight.

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